Shipper’s Letter of Instruction – SLI/IDG

Shipper is responsible to fill the AWB even if the AWB have been completed by the Agent or the carrier on his behalf. Shipper is also responsible for damage the airline or any other person may face due to irregularities, incorrectness or insufficient information reflected on the AWB.

Normally Shipper may not have the proper knowledge of how to fill the AWB so Agents or Carrier may fill it on his behalf. To do that, shipper should fill the information of origin, destination, name of consignee, nature of goods, number of pieces, … in a form that may be designed differently by Agents or Carriers. This form is called “Shipper’s Letter of Instruction – IDG” or “Instruction for Dispatch of Goods – IDG” or other different names like “Shipping Order”. Once SLI is being signed by the Shipper, Agent will be able to fill the AWB details on behalf of Shipper and sign the AWB.

The exporter (the shipper) often engages a freight forwarder (Agent) to handle the forwarding of goods. The shipper provides a Shipper’s Letter of Instructions that authorizes the Agent to sign the AWB on behalf of the shipper. When Shipper signs the AWB or letter of instruction, he simultaneously confirms his agreement to the condition of contract.