AWB Shape

AWB has an standard layout designed by IATA. In TACT Rules book, the complete explanation of the AWB is demonstrated. Summary of items mentioned in ref 6.2 of IATA Tact Rules are demonstrated below:

1A– Airline three-digit IATA number

1– Origin

1B– Serial number of 8 digits (last digit is called “Check Digit”)

1C- Issuing Carrier’s Name and Address

1D- Reference to Originals

1E- Reference to Condition of Contract

2- Shipper’s Name and Address – one or more methods of contact shall be inserted.

3- Shipper’s Account Number – shall not be completed unless by the issuing carrier at its option.

4- Consignee’s Name and Address – one or more method of contact shall be inserted.

5- Consignee’s Account Number – shall not be completed unless by the last carrier at its option.

6- Issuing Carrier’s Agent Name and City – entitled for Commission

7- Agent’s IATA code – In CASS areas shall be seven-digit code followed by three-digit CASS address code and a check digit.

8- Agent’s Account Number – shall not be completed unless by the issuing carrier at its option

9- Airport of Departure

10-Accounting Information – only accounting information required by participating carriers may be inserted such as: Payment by Cash or CHQ, Pre-paid or collect, for consignment returned because of non-delivery the original AWB number shall be shown, “Also Notify” shall be printed here as well.

11A- To – the IATA three-letter code of destination or first transfer point

11B- By First Carrier – The name of first Carrier, the full name or two-letter code of the carrier

11C- To – the IATA three letter code of destination or second transfer point

11D- By – the IATA two-character code of second carrier

11E- To – the IATA three-letter code of destination or third transfer point

11F- By – the IATA two-character code of the third carrier

12- Currency – the ISO three-letter currency code of country of departure. All amounts entered on the AWB, other than those entered in the “Charges Collect in Destination Currency” shall be in the currency that specified.

13- Charges Code – Normally PP as charges “prepaid” or CC as “collect” shall be inserted. There are other types like partial prepaid or collect or No Charge (NC) and different other types shall be inserted.

14A, 14B- Weight/Valuation charge shall be inserted by “X” as appropriate. Any charges entered into boxes (24A), (25A) or (24B), (25B) must be wholly prepaid or wholly collect.

15A, 15B- Other charge at origin – shall be inserted by “X” as appropriate. Any charges reflected in (27A), (28A) or (27B) or (28B) must be wholly prepaid or wholly collect.

16- Declared Value for Carriage – the declared value as specified by shipper shall be inserted. It can be “NVD” when “No Value Declared”.

17- Declared Value for Customs – Shipper may insert a value for customs purpose. It can be “NCV” when there is “No Custom Value” or leave the box blank.

18- Airport of Destination

19A, 19B- Requested Flight/Date – can be filled as per booking by shipper/Agent/Carrier

20- Amount of Insurance – shall be filled only when the issuing carrier offers such service. If no insurance is requested by shipper or not provided by the carrier, “XXX” shall be inserted.

20A- Insurance clause box

21- Handling Information – Only required information as required by Carrier shall be inserted such as:

               Dangerous Goods as per Attached Shipper’s Declaration or attached DGD

               Cargo Aircraft Only – CAO

               Any person to be notified on arrival

               Emergency contact for Dangerous Goods

               Special Handling Instruction

               Shipper’s Certificate for Live Animals

21A- Special Customs Information (SCI) – when a consignment loaded or reloaded at an airport in Europe Union country the custom code shall be inserted. May not be used for other customs information.

22A- No of Pieces RCP – The number of pieces shall be inserted. When the applicable rate shown in box (22G) is the result of combination of rate or charges, the IATA three-letter code of the “Rate Combination Point” (RCP) shall be inserted as am additional line entry.

22B- Gross Weight – the gross weight of the pieces for the applicable rating entry shall be inserted or the tare weight of ULD when applicable shall be inserted as an additional line entry, on the rate class line

22C- Kg. /Lb. – the unit of the weight used (K or L) shall be inserted.

22Z – Service Code – This box shall not be completed except by the issuing carrier

22D- Rate class – One of the codes shall be inserted as appropriate:

               M – Minimum Charge

               N – Normal Rate

               Q – Quantity Rate

               B – Basic Charge

               K – Rate per Kilo

               C – Specific Commodity Rate

               R – Class Rate Reduction

               S – Class Rate Surcharge

               U – Unit Load Device Rate

               E – Unit Load Device Additional Rate

22E- Commodity Item Number – when a specific commodity rate applies, the IATA item description    number shall be inserted in “C” or “U” class line.

When a class rate reduction or a class rate surcharge applies, the percentage which is applied to the appropriate charge or rate shall be inserted on the “R” or “S” rate class line.

When a ULD class rate applies, the ULD rate class type used shall be inserted on the “U” rate class line.

22F – Chargeable Weight – the applicable chargeable weight calculated according to the rating rules shall be inserted, or the applicable pivot weight of the ULD

22G – Rate/Charge – the applicable rate or charge shall be inserted.

22H – Total – the total charge for each line entry shall be inserted.

22I – Nature and Quantity of Goods – description of goods shall be inserted, or DG goods as published in Dangerous Goods Regulation, or “Consolidation as per attached list” for consolidated shipments shall be inserted. If the number of pieces shown in box (22A) is different from the actual numbers, the actual number of pieces on each loaded piece shall be inserted.

22J- Total Number of Pieces – where there is more than one numeric entry in box (22A) the total number of pieces shall be inserted

22K- Total Gross Weight – where there is more than one entry in box (22B), the total gross weight shall be inserted

22L- Total – where there is more than one entry in box (22H) the sum shall be inserted

23-Other Charges – other charge incurred at origin, enroute or destination shall be inserted as wholly prepaid or wholly collect

24A – Prepaid Weight Charge – the weight/volume charge for air carriage shall be inserted

25A – Prepaid Valuation Charge – the valuation charge, if applicable, shall be inserted

26A – Prepaid Tax – any applicable tax shall be inserted

27A – Total Other Charges Due Agent – The box shall not be used unless agreed locally

28A – Total Other Charges Due Carrier – the total of prepaid other charges due to carrier shall be inserted

29A – Untitled Box – this box shall not be completed unless used by Carrier at its option

30A – Total Prepaid – the total of all the prepaid charges shall be inserted

24B –

30B – has the same meaning as reflected in 24A-30A, and applicable for Collect basis charges

 31- Shipper’s Certification Box – When not pre-printed the signature of shipper or his agent (printed, signed or stamped) shall be inserted

32A- Carrier’s Execution Box – Executed on (Date)

32B – At Place

32C – Signature of Issuing Carrier or its Agent

33- For Carrier’s Use at Destination Only

33A- Currency Conversion Rate – The destination currency code followed by the conversion rate shall be inserted

33B – Collect Charges at Destination Currency – The amount shown in “Total Collect” box (30B) shall be inserted after conversion to the destination currency at the currency conversion rate shown in box (33A)

33C – Charges at Destination – Charges levied at destination accruing to the last carrier shall be inserted in destination currency

33D – Total Collect Charges – the sum of boxes (33B) and (33C) shall be inserted

34A –

34C – Optional Shipping Information:

34A – Reference Number – when it is unshaded, a reference number may be inserted as per shipper/agent/issuing carrier agreement

34B – This box shall not be used unless used by the issuing carrier at its option

34C – This box shall not be used unless used by the issuing carrier at its option

99 – Barcoded Air Waybill Number – this area shall be used to include a bar coded Air Waybill number

Neutral Air Waybill – Any alteration to the airline code number, Air Waybill number, Airline name or head office address shall automatically render such neutral AWB null and void.