Structural Weights

Every aircraft has certain weight limitations imposed by the manufacturer.

Airline must not exceed these limitations under any circumstances, not to endanger the safety of passengers and aircraft.

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight – MZFW

The force of Lift acting upwards and the force of weight acting downwards may cause a bending in the wings. The most critical bending moment will occur when there is no fuel in the wings and maximum weight in the fuselage. Such situation could bend the wings upward and could harm the aircraft.

The maximum zero fuel weight (MZFW) defined as the maximum permitted weight of load and the aircraft without fuel. This limitation undue the stress and damages to the wind structure.

Maximum Taxi Weight – MTW

This is the maximum permitted weight of the aircraft that can move on ground either by its own engine or towed by trucks.

Maximum Take-off Weight – MTOW

The maximum weight of the aircraft at the commencement of take-off runway.

Regulated Take-off Weight – RTOW

Some times the MTOW for an aircraft could be restricted and reduced due to whether and atmospheric conditions or due to length of the runway, slope of runway, elevation of the airport, snow, heat, etc.

Maximum Landing Weight – MLW

The wheels, shock absorber and landing gear of the aircraft can absorb a limited amount of shock during touch down so the Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) is the weight at which the aircraft may safely land.