Operational Weights

Operational weights are variable weights depending on the operation and will be used for weight and balance of the aircraft. These will vary from flight to flight. Those who prepares the load sheet and balance the aircraft should use this information.

Basic Weight – BW

Basic Weight is the weight of the aircraft announced by the manufacturer with all necessary equipment needed for the flight.

Dry Operating Weight – DOW      

DOW is the sum of Basic Weight, crew and crew baggage weight and pantry weight.

Operating Weight – OW

This is the sum of Dry Operating Weight and the weight of Take-Off Fuel. (The weight of fuel at take-off)

Traffic Load (Pay Load)

This is the weight of Passengers, baggage, cargo and mail. It may include the weight of unit load devices.

Allowed Traffic Load

This is the maximum of traffic load which can be carried on aircraft. It is calculated by subtracting the OW from the allowed weight for take-off. Allowed weight for take of is the lowest of (MZFW + TOF) or MTOW or (MLW + Trip Fuel)


“Allowed Traffic Load – Total Traffic Load”

This shows how much additional traffic can be accepted as last minute change (LMC)

Take-off Fuel

The total weight of fuel in the aircraft at the commencement of the runway.

Trip Fuel

The weight of fuel planned to be consumed during the flight.

Taxi Fuel

The weight of fuel consumed from the time of starting the engines till the beginning of take-off runway.