Other Type of Rating

Specific Commodity Rates – SCR

Specific Commodity rates are usually lower than general cargo rates and are published for particular commodities. The list of such commodities and their 4-digit codes are reflected in the TACT Rate books. Each country may consider a specific rate for some consignments to improve their export by offering lower rates.  You may see the 4-digit code before the weight break and you can use it, if your cargo is the same description of the code. (More accurate explanation: Ref.3.1.c of IATA TACT RULES)

B & K rates

Between a number of countries in Europe a different rating structure is applicable.

This consist of a basic charge per shipment, regardless of its weight, plus a rate per kilogram. The basic charge is referred to as “B” while the rate per kilo is shown as “K”.

Fraction of half kilogram must be charged for as the next higher half kilogram. (More accurate explanation: Ref.3.5.2 of IATA TACT RULES)

Class Rates

There are few type of commodities that can be carried in percentage of increase or reduction in the normal general cargo rates.  (More accurate explanation: Ref.3.1. d of IATA TACT RULES)

Newspaper, Magazine, Books and Periodicals and Baggage shipped as Cargo, containing personal effects of the passengers will normally have discount in the rates (Reduction). 

Live Animal (AVI), Valuable Cargo (VAL) and Human Remains (HUM) normally have a percentage increase in the rates (Surcharge).  (More accurate explanation: Ref.3.7 of IATA TACT RULES)

Any consignment having a declared value for carriage of USD.1,000 or more per KG is considered as valuable cargo. (More accurate explanation: Ref. a of IATA TACT RULES)

The reduction or surcharge for the rates are normally being shown as a percentage of Normal Rate (%N).

(More accurate explanation: Ref.3.1. d of IATA TACT RULES)