Other Charges – Due Carrier/Due Agent

Other than freight charges for carriage of shipment, there may be some other charges that should be paid by customer. These charges can be reflected on the AWB, as the AWB is known as freight bill.

Some of the charges can be collected by Carrier while there are other charges that should be paid to the agent for the services that agent may provide for customer.

All charges will be shown by three letter codes. The first two character shows the description of charge and the last letter indicates who will collect this charge. If the Airline is collecting the charge the last letter will be “C” stands for carrier and if agent is collecting the charge, the last letter will be “A” that stands for Agent.

Some charges that can be shown on the AWB is, charge for AWB issuance charge, security surcharges, fuel charge, etc., … There are some other Miscellaneous charges that agent may charge customer for doing pick up of shipment, performing custom declaration at origin, handling charges for loading/unloading, … example of the codes are as follow:

  • AW: Air Way bill fee
  • SC: Security Charge
  • FS: Fuel Surcharge
  • AT: Attendance Fee
  • MO: Miscellaneous Other Charge
  • PU: Pick Up Charge
  • PK: Packaging Charge
  • SO: Storage Charge
  • XD: War Risk Surcharge

These charges are reflected in the additional charges box of the AWB, followed by “A” OR “C” showing the charge “Due Agent” or “Due Carrier”.