Trucking Services – RFS

A Carrier may use Road Feeder Service (RFS) to carry a cargo to final destination in a route of sending a shipment by Air. All damages, Loss or Delay happens while cargo is in land should be considered as same happened while the cargo is carried by Air i.e. the Carrier will be responsible to pay demurrage and limit of liability of the Carrier should be considered as cargo shipped by Air.

As an example, a freighter flies from Hong Kong (HKG) to Brussels (BRU) in Belgium may load about 100 TONS of cargo. All cargo may not be destined to BRU and some of them should be carried to other European, nearby cities. Carrier may use his right to carry the cargo through RFS (Road Feeder Service) to send shipments of France, Switzerland, Netherland, German and other cities by truck.